My Humber Hawk

“I Never should’ve bought that car…”

Well, here it is… My pride and joy –  A 1960 Humber Hawk, (Series 1a). With the original 2.3 litre 4-banger under the hood, 4 speed manual column change.

Had it for (well over!) 5 years now, working on it as and when I’ve had the time, (which really isn’t that often)

The plan is to go for a mild kustom look, with a subtle lowering job, shaved handles and badges, and some Watson-style scallops. That’s after the considerable rust-repair, which I’m most of the way through, I’m happy to report.

I’ve put a build thread over on the HAMB, mainly so I can track my progress – but I’ve received a lot of encouraging comments as a result – that has helped keep my ‘mojo’ going in the long, cold winter months…

If you’re interested, you can follow the ‘build’ thread, here: