Walt’s Tot Rod Wagon



The postman delivered a strange-shaped package this morning…
Straight out of the packaging, this little ‘Brum’ pedal car was a little dented, missing some pieces, and was generally well-worn, but made a great starting point for a wagon.

I started with an old, beat up ‘Brum’ pedal car, bought on eBay. The plan was to remove the pedals, drop it on the deck, and add a handle so I could pull my little lad around the show-fields in the summer.

‘Dropped tube axle’ welded up and being fitted with the original stub axles — albeit flipped over. I wanted to use as much of the original car as possible in the build.

Although I ended up buying proper, replacement headlights, I didn’t really want to add anything new into the mix. Instead using what was there to achieve the end result. This lent itself to a certain look and feel, which although isn’t as flash as some I’ve seen on the internet — is fairly well resolved.

Mocking up that all important ‘stance’ on the bench. This new ride-height necessitated removing all of the pedal hardware, but it was going to have a floor anyway.

In order to get that all important ‘stance’ right, I had to make my own front axle. A ‘dropped-beam’ made from pie-cutting and welding some 20mm square tubing.

A new lick of paint, inspired by the salt flat racers of the past.

So far I’ve:

  • I made a custom front axle (as mentioned above);
  • stole the handle off our snow-shovel to pull/steer (we don’t get that much snow in these parts anyway!)
  • flipped the rear axle-blocks over to lower the rear;
  • removed the pedal mechanism and filled in the floor with sheet steel;
  • chopped the windscreen;
  • Solid mounted the steering wheel, and
  • Added a makeshift piece of upholstery-foam covered in a mexican blanket for the ever-growing passenger — who would need to sit in a different position every week.
  • Oh, and I gave it a lick of paint any salt-flat racer would be proud of!

Still to do:

  • Finish the makeshift interior up with a properly upholstered seat;
  • Add some LED lighting to the headlights (and maybe fit some taillights)
  • Replace the super-heavy 1.2mm steel floor with something a little lighter (I’ve got some ally sheet kicking around that looks just the ticket!)
  • Add some ‘Walts Speedshop’ signwriting to the bonnet/doors.

Here are some more detailed ‘build’ pics.