AV8 DJ Booth



When my wife and I asked a great friend of ours to DJ our wedding, we knew he wouldn’t accept any payment. Just to clarify, that wasn’t the reason we asked him — he’s a highly sought after Vintage Dance DJ who can read the floor like no other! We decided to make him a DJ booth and backlight that he could use for the wedding and thereafter for his regular gigs.

The light was a simple laser-cut steel disc with his logo cut-out, backed by a piece of opalescent acrylic that would diffuse the light perfectly. Walls were welded and ground smooth, as well as a brace and mounting bracket for the single bulb-holder.

The booth itself was layered plywood, glued and screwed together to form the scallops, then mounted to a base with simple piano-hinges to allow it to fold down. It was then given a skim of car bodyfiller and painted with plastikote gold spay cans. The resulting finish was better than I expected, but the paint soon became damaged in transit (we didn’t wait long enough for the paint to harden it seems)

Still, the booth and light are in use to this day. And they sure do get around a bit!

Here are some detailed build pics